Blog posts posted in February 2015

HC-2020 Update

The HC-2020, in production since 2009, continues to be our most popular compression packaging machine.  At 420+ bags per hour for wood shavings and many other compressible products, it sets the bar in the industry.  Screen shot of Cycle Monitor on HC-2020, sent by Flickerwood Farms Inc. on 11-25-2014.  Several enhancements over the past few years have increased the…

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Partnership with LP Brown

Rethceif enjoys many great relationships with customers, vendors, and distributors.  A highly successful relationship is with LP Brown, based in Memphis, TN.  LP Brown is one of the largest suppliers of packaging supplies to the cotton industry, supplying polyethylene, polypropylene and cotton bags to ginners all across the United States.  In addition, the company…

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