Serving the Animal Bedding Industry:  Equustock

Equustock, LLC is a dynamic player in the animal bedding industry. With products ranging from horse bedding to cat litter, Equustock, LLC has become well-known for their environmentally responsible, sustainable and renewable products. When it comes to packaging these products, Claire Brant, owner of Equustock, LLC, trusts in the efficient and reliable packaging machines produced right here at Rethceif Manufacturing.

Read Claire’s personal story of how Rethceif Manufacturing has impacted her business:

1.  How did you get started in the horse bedding industry?

Equustock began in 2001 as an “intentional” producer and marketer of high quality horse bedding pellets. The demand for our superior product grew quickly and subsequently, the demand for a line of shavings as well. We developed a mini flake process and began there. As demand dictated, we added other fiber size products to support our growing business. Today, our horse bedding products include our premium pine pellet as well as 3 pine shaving SKU’s.

2.  What opportunities or challenges do you see in the coming years?

The animal bedding industry will continue to consolidate and as a national/international industry will soon be limited to a smaller number of large producers. Meeting the challenges of the growing requirement for upgraded facilities, environmental requirements, insurance and the cost of state of the art equipment (which of course, brought us to Rethceif) will be impossible for the mom and pop/single location operations to sustain long term. The industry has changed significantly in the past 20 years and is no longer one of packaging a waste stream. Opportunities for production are not just sitting waiting to be taken. Building a production facility is costly, not for the timid and requires extensive capital and marketing expertise.

3.  How has Rethceif packaging helped you meet your sales and marketing goals?

The Rethceif compressed bagging line (HC-2020) is the only equipment we recommend at a plant construction level as it produces our best rates and most consistent, high quality package. The continued improvements over the years have resulted in an excellent piece of equipment.

One of our primary marketing slogans to the consumer is “Success begins in the barn, start with Guardian Horse Bedding” (and the other control brands that we produce/package, of course). Internally, we would extend this back to success begins at the production level and must include Rethceif!

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