Haylage & Silage

Compression packaging for haylage and silage feed stock in a variety of machines to fit your budget and production requirements. 

Related Products

RethPACK HC-2020 Horizontal Compression Bagger

The HC-2020 horizontal compression bagger is ideal for wood shavings, cellulose insulation, loose fiberglass and other compressible materials.

RethPACK VC-3030 Vertical Compression Bagger

The VC-3030 is a compact vertical compression bagger, capable of running multiple bag sizes.

RethPACK HC-2030 Horizontal Compression Bagger

The HC-2030 is engineered specifically for products with high rebound, such as hay, straw, hydromulch, hemp hurd, wheat chaff and rice hulls.

RethPACK BullyBagger Horizontal Compression Bagger

The BullyBagger is designed to work with pre-made bags. The large chamber and simple operation is ideal for many products, such as wood shavings, hemp hurd, straw and hay.