Mulch & Soil

Our vertical Form-Fill-Seal machines mated with our advanced volumetric feeder are ideal for mulch and soil.  Our VPR-4010 with a volumetric feeder is ideal for light compression applications.

Related Products

RethPACK Volumetric Feeding System

The RethPack volumetric feeder can handle a variety of products and was created with the mulch and soil industry specifically in mind.

RethPACK VFF-5010 Bagger

The VFF-5010 is ideal for a variety of free flow products, including wood pellets, seeds, animal feed, and much more.

RethPACK VFF-5020 Bagger

The VFF-5020 is the more robust of the two Rethceif vertical free-flow bagger designs. Built with a heavy duty frame, the VFF-5020 is ideal for customers looking to package heavy bags of free-flowing products on a frame that is built to last in harsh environments.