Company History

Rethceif Packaging was founded to supply high quality form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging equipment to a variety of industries. In our early years we imported equipment with innovative advantages from European suppliers. The experience of servicing, modifying, and upgrading our suppliers’ FFS machines assisted us greatly in gaining key knowledge and insight into the industry, and helped establish the foundation for development of our own product line.

Today, Rethceif Packaging designs and manufactures FFS packaging and palletizing equipment in our 38,000 sq. ft. facility located in Northeast Indiana, USA. Our extensive experience in FFS packaging and palletizing continually results in customer success stories.

We use the latest technology and innovation to help our customers meet current and future needs. Our designs set the standard in reliability, serviceability, cost of ownership, and performance. We are constantly developing new packaging models and patented technologies to heighten our customers’ packaging experience and accomplish our mission of delivering a great customer experience through innovative design, quality craftsmanship and outstanding support.