Horizontal Compression Baggers

RethPACK HC-2020 Horizontal Compression Bagger

The HC-2020 horizontal compression bagger is ideal for wood shavings, cellulose insulation, loose fiberglass and other compressible materials.

RethPACK HC-2030 Horizontal Compression Bagger

The HC-2030 is engineered specifically for products with high rebound, such as hay, straw, hydromulch, hemp hurd, wheat chaff and rice hulls.

RethPACK BullyBagger Horizontal Compression Bagger

The BullyBagger is designed to work with pre-made bags. The large chamber and simple operation is ideal for many products, such as wood shavings, hemp hurd, straw and hay.

Vertical Compression Baggers

RethPACK VC-3020 Vertical Compression Bagger

All the advantages of the VC-3030, in a smaller size. It is ideal for customers looking to package compressible products in smaller bags, often pet-sized bags for retail shelves.

RethPACK VC-3030 Vertical Compression Bagger

The VC-3030 is a compact vertical compression bagger, capable of running multiple bag sizes.

Free Flow Baggers

RethPACK VFF-5010 Bagger

The VFF-5010 is ideal for a variety of free flow products, including wood pellets, seeds, animal feed, and much more.

RethPACK VFF-5020 Bagger

The VFF-5020 is the more robust of the two Rethceif vertical free-flow bagger designs. Built with a heavy duty frame, the VFF-5020 is ideal for customers looking to package heavy bags of free-flowing products on a frame that is built to last in harsh environments.

Light Compression Baggers

RethPACK VPR-4010 Light Compression Bagger

The VPR-4010 is ideal for a variety of lawn and garden applications, making this design a proven performer with multiple products that require light compression.

Bale Shield Baggers

RethPACK Cotton Bale Wrapper

Available for PE or Polywoven material, the machine is designed and built by Rethceif and distributed by LP Brown Company. Multiple semi-automatic and fully automated machine designs are available. Our Form-Fill-Seal technology, along with automatic sampling and tagging options require less labor and less film than other systems on the market.

Insulation Batt Baggers

RethPack BB-6010 Insulation Batt Bagger

The BB-6010 batt bagger was designed specifically for compression packaging of insulation batts. The BB-6010 can be automatically or manually loaded. This bagger utilizes Form-Fill-Seal technology, providing savings in labor and material costs.

ConservaCube Sealers

RethPACK ConservaCube Sealer

Designed specifically for the ConversaCube line of bags

Robot Palletizing System

RethPACK Robot Palletizing System

To create a complete solution to our customers’ packaging needs, Rethceif also provides robotic palletizing systems to compliment our state of the art form fill and seal machines.

Volumetric Feeder

RethPACK Volumetric Feeding System

The RethPack volumetric feeder can handle a variety of products and was created with the mulch and soil industry specifically in mind.