Our company had made a decision to take on a new business venture. We needed a packaging solution that would handle multiple types of products and package them in 3 cubic feet bales. It was also important that we take a green approach when finding the right solution.

We reviewed several companies in the US, Europe and Canada. After evaluating our current needs and long term objectives, the decision was clear. We purchased a vertical baler from Rethceif Packaging.

Throughout the process, we were very pleased with Rethceif’s staff, and especially with their engineering manager. Brad did an outstanding job engineering the baler’s design and communicating with me and various levels of my staff. I would highly recommend Rethceif to anyone looking for custom engineering and development.

Bob C., Wood Shavings Customer, Minnesota, USA

When adding a new manufacturing location to our business, we wanted to explore our options for packaging. Our machine was going to be doing so much more than the conventional version. After completing our research, we selected a Rethceif’s Horizontal Compression Bagger.

Upon meeting with Rethceif, we knew they were a company we wanted to do business with. We liked how easy it was to access their staff and were pleased with their responsiveness to our questions. We also liked the size of the company and especially their ability to think “outside the box.”

After talking with a number of their references, we knew Rethceif was the best choice. One of their references, who is a major player in our industry, was already trying to get funding for another machine after just a few months of operation. We knew if they were sold on Rethceif, then others would be following too.

Rethceif’s quote was comparable to their larger competitor’s pricing, but the overall savings in bag costs was significant. 

We are excited to work with Rethceif and are already looking at adding another Rethceif machine within the next 6 months.

Jeff T, Wood Shavings Customer, Alberta, Canada