Our vertical free flow machines are ideal for seeds of all types.  With a small footprint, high production rates and ease of use, our machines provide years of reliable service.  If the product requires the film to breathe, we work directly with the film company to insure breathability and protection from insects.

Related Products

RethPACK ConservaCube Sealer

Designed specifically for the ConversaCube line of bags

RethPACK VFF-5010 Bagger

The VFF-5010 is ideal for a variety of free flow products, including wood pellets, seeds, animal feed, and much more.

RethPACK VFF-5020 Bagger

The VFF-5020 is the more robust of the two Rethceif vertical free-flow bagger designs. Built with a heavy duty frame, the VFF-5020 is ideal for customers looking to package heavy bags of free-flowing products on a frame that is built to last in harsh environments.